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Fultz Wedding

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Alli & Kevin

The warm and sunny Saturday in June had the most relaxed and romantic vibe. There was also a sense of long-awaited anticipation. These high school sweethearts were so ready to celebrate their love and you could tell that there were absolutely no doubts in anyone’s mind. After two years of preparing their vision came to life.


The Setting

The Buckeye Barn in Sidney, OH was the perfect backdrop for the day. I was immediately smitten with the venue upon arrival.

The first place that I saw was the bridal suite and oh my, was it SWEET. Ladies, never underestimate the importance of your preparation space. This place was gorgeous. The cool air conditioned house had mirrors (with plenty of outlets) for all of the ladies, a kitchen for mimosas and snacks, and a sitting room. There was plenty of natural light, and the bridal party had plenty of room to get ready to head down the aisle. The bride even confided in me that this was one of the deciding factors for their venue choice!

I made my way to the groomsmens’ space and was equally impressed. A warm relaxed feel with a bar and games the guys were equally as spoiled. The gentlemen matter, too 😉.

The ceremony took place under the biggest most beautiful tree that you could imagine. It provided shade for the guests and made the afternoon comfortable with the gentle breeze. The glowing string lights in the reception area complemented the romantic feeling created by the neutral colors and gorgeous amber bottles the bride and her sister lovingly collected over time for the centerpieces.


The Details

An ethereal and natural beauty, Alli wore a stunning ivory dress with lace and button details on flowing tule that perfectly complemented her gorgeous complexion. Her sister gathered her ringlet curls into a low updo with delicate pieces left framing her face and emphasizing her emerald eyes.

Kevin‘s tall frame was stylishly clothed in a maroon suit. He pulled the look off effortlessly somehow looking modern and classic all at once. His kind confidence shown in the details from his tie to his watch all the way to his hammered gold wedding band engraved with the letter “A.”

The bouquets and boutonnières were expertly arranged. Covid‘s stress on the floral industry made didn’t impact the day and the arrangements saw the bride’s vision come to life. The flowing amaranth cascaded off of Alli‘s bouquet pulling together the colors and feeling of the event. The centerpieces and decorations carried the flow along with the bridesmaids‘ flattering sage green tea-length dresses.


The Ceremony

Before walking down the aisle, Alli and her dad got a few moments to just enjoy each others company. Mr. Fair, an inviting and strong man with three daughters, joked with his baby. Though they kept things lighthearted, I could feel the love that he had for her, and could see the pride that he felt by the light in his eyes. Hardworking and hands on, a suit is not his typical attire but he sure cleaned up nice. He even wore his fancy ostrich boots to mark the occasion!

The officiant was a friend to Kevin first, and then got to know Alli. He was inviting and engaging and reminded the couple of the support that they have in their family and guests. There were so many people there to celebrate but it still felt so intimate reflecting the closeness that the couple has with their loved ones. They truly make everyone they come across feel so special.

The bride and groom wrote their own vows and trust me when I tell you that it sure is challenging to take photos when you have tears in your eyes! It was more than just the words that were moving, about changing seasons and growth together, it was more about the way that they said them. You know how you can just hear it in someone’s voice when they really mean every word that they’re saying? It was exactly that.

They ended the ceremony with a receiving line — thanking every guest individually. I thought that this was so sweet and personal! Again making everyone feel so special. They even were cognizant of guests who might not be comfortable and allowed those were wanted to social distance to leave the ceremony space first.


The Reception

The real celebration started with the entrance of the bridal party. The dj had lights and even fog (a surprise for me that resulted in some gorgeous images!) for the entrance. Guests socialized and mingled enjoying the open bar and buffet style dinner.

Both of the bride’s sisters/matrons of honor gave speeches and told stories of Alli and Kevin in high school and reflected on some of the times that they shared. Jenny knew that Kevin was in love with Alli upon first seeing them together. Shayna reminisced on Alli’s strong will as a child and shared a story about her chasing her around with a knife, ensuring that she wouldn’t do the same now she expressed her gratitude for Alli being her go-to for advice and her confidant.

Kevin’s best man told stories of concerts and road trips gone awry (including one that resulted in a knee injury and trip to the hospital), summer camp stories, and reminded the guests of Kevin’s long lost YouTube channel. In addition the lighthearted fun and laughs he got serious and made some eyes water by speaking kind words about Kevin and sharing what a positive impact that he had made on him through their friendship that turned into more of a brotherhood.

All of the first dances ensued. The Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances are always my favorites. It is so special to see the love between parents and their children. It‘s like the parents can simultaneously see their children as babies and adults all at once. A beautiful moment of the meshing together of past and future. So much pride and promise all wrapped in one.

After cutting and sharing cake the night continued on with dancing and fun.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Fultz!

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